Night Collection Design

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Furniture Items For The Bedroom, Consisting of a Double Bed and a Set of Storage Units.night Collection Design New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Desi

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of furniture items for the bedroom, consisting of a double bed and a set of storage units.Night collection design new product design contest on tomasella and desall invite you to <Cropped>

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Award Winning Saguaro Cloth Hanger

Miro Nazarian Reveals The Saguaro Cloth Hanger

Miro Nazarian , the project leader of the highlighted work Saguaro by Miro Nazarian spells out, Saguaro hanger is a simple and minimal cloth hanger with a unique shape, which can be as a decorative object while it has the function..

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Quaint & Quirky Dessert House-Dessert House by Chaos Design Studio

Chaos Design Studio Illustrates The Quaint & Quirky Dessert House Dessert House

Chaos Design Studio, the creator of the award winning work Quaint & Quirky Dessert House - Dessert House by Chaos Design Studio illustrates, Quaint & Quirky Dessert House is a project that shows modern contemporary vibe with a touch of nature <Cropped>

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Interface and Interaction Design by Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group

Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group Discloses The Lineform Interface and Interaction Design

Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group, the lead designer of the displayed project Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group's LineFORM Interface and Interaction Design explains, We propose a novel concept of shape changing interface using the form “Li <Cropped>

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Trio Bench-Multifunctional Bench by Yazan Hijazin

Yazan Hijazin Creates The Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench

Yazan Hijazin, the architect of the award winning design Multifunctional Bench by Yazan Hijazin says, Trio Bench is a geometrical bench made of walnut wood, fabric, and leather that seats up to 4 persons. However, by adjusting 2 upholstered pieces <Cropped>

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Ccd-Cheng Chung Design's C Future City Experience Center Experience Center

Ccd-Cheng Chung Design Spotlights The C Future City Experience Center Experience Center

CCD - Cheng Chung Design, the maker of the awarded project Experience Center:C Future City Experience Center by CCD - Cheng Chung Design spells out, Zhongzhou is unique enough for the young Shenzhen, which was originally an ancient coastal fishing vi <Cropped>

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Ipad Folio by Christoph Rochna For Papernomad

Christoph Rochna For Papernomad Shares The Tootsie Ipad Folio

Christoph Rochna for Papernomad, the creative mind behind the highlighted work iPad Folio by Christoph Rochna for Papernomad says, Tootsie meets the needs of modern nomads. It is plain but affecting, soothingly analogue, tear- and water-resistant and <Cropped>

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Lab.15 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Chance to Exhibit Their Artworks in a Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the chance to exhibit their artworks in a gallery in milan (italy) and much more. .

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Stanley Residence-Residential Apartment by Richy Ng

Richy Ng Demonstrates The Stanley Residence Residential Apartment

Richy Ng, the lead designer of the highlighted project residential apartment by Richy Ng explicates, The apartment was designed to provide a comfortable home for a family and we had the aim to reflect the unique character of their daily lifestyle. <Cropped>

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Reception Foyer of Residential Household by Tseng Chuan Chieh

Tseng Chuan Chieh Shares The in-Between Dances Reception Foyer of Residential Household

Tseng Chuan Chieh, the designer of the award winning project Reception foyer of residential household by Tseng Chuan Chieh says, The interactions between the ceilings, the grounds and the walls create in-between rhythmic dances that sweep across the <Cropped>

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