Blessed Child-Rings by Britta Schwalm

Britta Schwalm Designs The Blessed Child Rings

Britta Schwalm, the project leader of the displayed project rings:Blessed Child by Britta Schwalm explicates, The Blessed Child rings are a promise for love: Baby Jamie cuddles up to the inside of the ring and trusts its life to the hands of the mother. The baby is laid on its back sucking its thumb. It is the mental vision of her unborn child that every pregnant woman has in her mind. The ring symbolises the unconditional mutual bond of trust between infant and mother and pays homage to this trust. Baby Sam is on top of the world, safe, healthy and happy. The wearer carries the baby with pride, presenting herself as a confident mother. The ring is a band saying: „Trust me, you are loved!".

Blessed Child-Rings by Britta Schwalm Images:


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